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Domestic Violence Charges

Posted on : February 18, 2022
Hampden Domestic Violence lawyer
Charged With Domestic Violence? In Massachusetts, there are a number of different charges that can be brought against someone for domestic violence. The most serious charge is assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, which can carry a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. Other charges include assault and battery, assault and battery [Read More]
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Hampden Criminal Charges

Posted on : January 31, 2022
Are You Facing Criminal Charges In Hampden MA? Hampden Massachusetts Criminal Charges Hampden criminal charges are criminal offenses that are filed against an individual by the Hampden County District Attorney under Massachusetts state law. The criminal offense will be prosecuted in the Hampden Superior Court of Law. What Are Some Common Criminal Charges In Hampden? [Read More]
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Criminal Charges & Statutes Of Limitations In Hampden

Posted on : December 12, 2021
What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Criminal Charges In Hampden MA? The statute of limitations for criminal charges is the amount of time you have to file charges against someone for a crime. If you don’t, then no charges can be filed and the person cannot be prosecuted. The amount of time varies by [Read More]
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Common Defenses In Massachusetts Criminal Cases

Posted on : November 20, 2021
Important Defenses that Work for Criminal Cases in Massachusetts You need the best attorney in Massachusetts to pull up a strong defense for your criminal case. Your lawyer will first study the evidence around the issue and determine how to draw a convincing reason. However, this defense will be the core of the argument in [Read More]
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Common Criminal Offenses

Posted on : December 6, 2020
Top 5 Most Common Criminal Offense in the United States A statistic by the FBI revealed that property crime is the most prevalent crime in the United States, with property crime reported every three seconds and violent crime every 22 seconds. Property crimes are the most reported crimes contrary to the general belief that violent [Read More]
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Posted on : June 5, 2019
Two drunk driving trials in two different courts in the past six days. Different facts, same verdict each time: not guilty on all counts.
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