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Veteran Defense Attorney With 25 Years Experience




Attorney Thomas Kokonowski is a native of Westfield, a city in Hampden County in Western Massachusetts. In his formative years, Tom attended Westfield High School and later enrolled at the Williston Northampton School in Easthampton as a post-
graduate.  Tom continued his education at Trinity College in Hartford, CT where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Following in the footsteps of two of his older brothers, Tom decided to pursue a career as a lawyer, and in 1993, he graduated from the Western New England University School of Law in Springfield, MA.


During his last year of law school, Tom was recruited by the Hampden County District Attorney to be a student practitioner under the “3:03” rule. This enabled him to gain real world experience in court as a prosecutor. Before Tom graduated, he had prosecuted 30 criminal trials. After passing the bar (on the first try) Tom became a full-time prosecutor in the Hampden County District Attorney’s office and engaged in approximately 100 trials and other criminal litigation hearings. After accumulating valuable trial experience, Tom launched his own private criminal defense practice in 1994 with a small firm in Springfield, MA where he leveraged his experience as a former prosecutor to defend the accused. During this time, Tom also expanded his criminal practice to include personal injury and civil litigation.

In 2004, The Law Offices of Thomas Kokonowski, Esq. was founded. From his offices in Northampton and Amherst Massachusetts, Tom thomas-kokonowski-2019-avvo-badgerepresented clients in hundreds of trials in courtrooms from the Berkshires to Cape Cod and The Islands.


Tom is an accomplished civil litigator who has secured favorable settlements and verdicts for clients in various civil proceedings ranging from personal injury lawsuits to breach of contract disputes. He is skillfully adept at representing individuals at trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations in both Federal and State Massachusetts courts, as well as before administrative agencies.


Attorney Kokonowski has appeared as a legal analyst on NBC, CBS, and the David Pakman Show. The media continues to rely on Tom to educate the public on legal issues and to provide insight into high profile cases locally and around the nation.

What makes Atty. Tom Kokonowski one of the best trial attorneys in the area is his uncanny ability to process the facts as reported and 

Thomas Kokonowski AVVO People's Choice Award 2018

quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of a case. Tom is creative, accessible, professional and a zealous defender of his clients and their constitutional rights — Michael Chapdelaine

Exceptional attorney! Upstanding gentleman, trustworthy and someone you know always has your best interests in mind. — Mike Mistalski

In my opinion, Tom is the best trial lawyer in the area. Sometimes good people find themselves on the wrong side of the law. If you or a loved one finds yourself in this position, call Tom immediately. — Kyle Davidson

 I worked in the trial court for thirty nine years.  Tom is one of the most qualified and competent Lawyers I have seen. I have a long relationship with Tom and I would be the first to call him for myself or any family member.  Tom is very diligent. If you need a great Lawyer, talk to Tom. —  W. L.