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Will Whoever Last Served You Alcohol Be Involved in a DUI Case?

Posted on : October 6, 2018
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Being accused of drunk driving, also known as OUI in the State of Massachusetts, is enough to give you severe anxiety.

If you don’t retain the services of an experienced OUI defense lawyer immediately, you could face significant consequences and a record that follows you for many years to come. This is a primary reason why you need to make use of your ability to contact an experienced OUI defense lawyer immediately. It could be the only opportunity for you to fight back. The Boston Globe has published the results of an investigation of the top 50 Massachusetts bars, who have been the last ones to serve someone who is convicted of drunk driving.

The Boston Globe began this investigation by exploring the question of whether or not there was a concentration or collection of restaurants or bars in Massachusetts that had a reputation for being the last ones to serve someone alcohol before they were involved in drunk driving. The results indicate that the study’s researchers refer to something known as the PLD or the place of last drink.

The Globe collected this data from DUI arrests between January 2012 and September 2016. If you have been accused of operating a vehicle under the influence, you need to begin preparing your criminal defense strategy immediately as this could be the only opportunity for you to protect your record and your freedom. An OUI defense lawyer in Massachusetts will help look into every possible aspect of your case that could blend into your defense strategy, including mistakes made by the police and violations of your rights. In all of these circumstances, you need a lawyer right away.

Those people who last served you alcohol on a night you were accused of DUI might be interviewed in connection with your charges. You need to share all the information about where you were that night with your criminal defense attorney so that he or she has the best chance to gather all evidence that supports you.

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