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What Massachusetts Students Should Know About Arrest and Disciplinary Hearings

Posted on : June 5, 2018
Massachusetts Student Arrests

Disciplinary Hearings In Massachusetts

Getting accused of something on campus carries high stakes, but too many students blow it off and assume they are in a safe bubble with minimal consequences.

Before heading off to college in the fall, to the college capital of the nation in Massachusetts, it is important to realize the potential consequences of a college student arrest or disciplinary hearing. These may both happen independently but be associated with the same allegations.

Although college students often find that their time in a Massachusetts university are some of the best days of their lives, these situations can get out of control and can lead to criminal allegations. If anyone who is a Massachusetts college student or graduate school student, who is accused of a crime or is being investigated for a crime, regardless of whether it happened on campus or somewhere else, the next steps are critical for protecting your future.

It is important that anyone accused of a crime in Massachusetts while attending college or graduate school understand that they need to retain a criminal defense attorney immediately. This is because there are two different aspects of managing college student crimes, known as the disciplinary hearing process and the criminal court process. The right criminal defense law firm needs to be retained immediately. Even international students can face stiff consequences involved with college level crimes that can compromise their ability to continue at that school due to the disciplinary hearing results or the criminal consequences.

Some of the most common charges facing college students in Massachusetts include shoplifting charges, harassment, student assault, battery, traffic and motor vehicle violations, underage drinking, theft crimes, sex assault crimes, OUI and DUI charges and drug possession. In all of these situations, the possible consequences of a criminal record may be avoided by hiring the right lawyer to assist with your claim.


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