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What Is Casino Crime in Massachusetts?

Posted on : March 6, 2019
Casino Crimes

Any crime, including theft, allegations of OUI, or assault carries with it significant consequences. When police begin to suspect that a particular area is home to a lot of crime, they tend to increase their presence in the area.

Unfortunately, as word spreads throughout law enforcement that a new neighborhood, business, or particular area is home to a lot of crime, the chances of being accused of criminal activity increases. This means that even if you don’t expect to get arrested, you must be mindful of the increased police presence in the area and know what to do if you’re accused of a crime whether it’s a wrongful allegation or not.

Unfortunately, more news reports are coming in indicating that police believe that Massachusetts’ newest casino is a hub for criminal activity. The Boston local TV affiliate WCVB reported that the MGM Springfield Casino experienced twice as much crime as was expected and recorded during the first four months of operation than the Plainridge Park Casino dealt with the entire year before.

In fact, the Massachusetts State Police released information that they recorded 208 incidents and a total of 120 criminal arrests inside MGM Springfield during the last few months of 2018 alone. This means that if you’re likely to hit up this new and popular gaming venue, that you should be prepared to protect your rights by contacting a criminal defense attorney. Since the location has been identified as a crime hub, you need to be prepared to protect yourself and to respond if you are accused of a crime.

The incidents included numerous robberies, larcenies, sexual offenses and assaults. In addition to the allegedly criminal activity occurring inside the MGM Springfield Casino, there were an additional 22 crimes reported in the area surrounding the casino in the three months before the facility opened in August.

You could find yourself subject to OUI checkpoints or screenings if you’re in the area and police assume you consumed alcohol on the casino site, too. Make sure you have a ride home if you have been drinking.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime at the MGM Springfield Casino, you need to hire a knowledgeable Massachusetts criminal defense attorney to jump into action and protect your freedom immediately.


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