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What Is an OUI Police Report and Why Does it Matter?

Posted on : February 13, 2019
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Have you recently been arrested for OUI in Massachusetts? You need to be familiar with all pieces of evidence that could prove helpful in defending your case. If you fail to take action immediately after being arrested, you could give up options to protect your clean record, your insurance rates, or even your right to keep a driver’s license.

The support of an experienced OUI defense lawyer will help you to gather these pieces of evidence and to review them carefully to determine your next steps. If you were arrested and charged with OUI, the police report is one of the most important pieces of evidence in your case. You need to obtain a copy of the police report so that you can begin to review the evidence against you. You will be able to see what evidence you will have to overcome to win at trial.

More often than not, the OUI report will contain several important pieces of information, such as a print out of any tests, a print out of the breath machine result or a lab report showing your urine or blood test result, and a checklist for the field sobriety test. In addition, your OUI police report will also contain a narrative report of at least one of the arresting officers.

If multiple officers were at the scene for your OUI arrest, sometimes each of these will provide a narrative about their part in the process. It can be shocking to review the statements listed on the OUI police report, especially since you are likely to feel that most of these are untrue.

The observations often listed on an OUI police report are relatively routine, whether or not they were truly applicable to your situation. They might say that you fumbled getting your license and registration, that you staggered when exiting the vehicle or that you completely failed the heel to toe walking test.

You can count on the OUI police report being the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case at trial, which is why you need to obtain a copy of this and share your own version of the events with your OUI defense attorney.  This will be the groundwork you lay to fight back.

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