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Springfield Sex Crimes Lawyers

A Massachusetts sex crime defense attorney may be the first person you call when you have been accused of these serious and stigmatized crimes.

There are many different consequences associated with the outcome of a sex crime case but it is important for you to realize as an accused individual, that the social repercussions may follow you for years to come.

Sex Offender Registry

You may have to register for a sex offender and the mere allegation of a sex crime may be something that hurts your professional reputation as well.

Anyone who faces an accusation of sex crimes in Massachusetts could be looking at a lifetime of problems ahead in addition to the loss of their freedom upon a conviction. Sex crimes are very severe offenses and the state often pursues these aggressively as a result.

Sex Crimes Case Defense

With the help of an experienced Springfield, MA criminal defense attorney during your sex crimes case, you will have a strong opportunity to remove these charges or have them changed to a lesser offense but this can only occur when you engage in a criminal defense attorney early on in the process in Hampden County.

Strong Record Of Advocacy

Attorney For Sexual Assault In Springfield, MA

You need a lawyer who has a strong track record across Springfield and  Massachusetts of handling these cases effectively and fighting hard on behalf of clients who have been accused of these high levels of crimes.

The support from a criminal defense attorney goes a long way in preparing you for your case and in easing your anxiety and overall concerns about these issues. In Massachusetts, there are two primary types of sex crimes on the books. The first has to do with forcible offenses and a second refers to non-forcible offenses.

Forcible Sex

Although both may carry serious penalties, forcible sex crimes have more serious consequences. The primary distinction is that the most serious offenses involve sexual intercourse that is forced on another person.

A non-forcible offense in Massachusetts occurs when the sexual activity happens when one person who is not able to provide consent and the suspect.

Age And The Sexual Offense Charge

In any sexual offense case in which the alleged victim is younger than age 18, the state will classify this activity as a sexual offense and multiple charges may be filed at the same time. Furthermore, many of the sex crimes outlined on the books in Massachusetts are also federal crimes, meaning tougher penalties and sentences.

If you are found guilty of sex crimes in Springfield, Massachusetts, you will likely have to register as a sex offender.

Types of Sex Crimes in Hampden County

Sexual Assault Attorney In Springfield

There are many different types of sex crime charges that may apply. These include:

  • False allegations of child sexual abuse which carry the social stigma, a lifetime impact, and other problems for a defendant, even if your attorney is ultimately successful in proving these false.
  • Sex crimes against minors; this includes rape, indecent exposure, assault battery, exploitation and any other crime against children, which may ultimately lead to a lifetime prison sentence.
  • Juvenile sex offenses. More than one-third of sex crime offenders are juveniles and many may never become offenders as an adult but may still face lifetime registration as a sex offender in Massachusetts.
  • Appealing a sex crime in DNA evidence. DNA evidence is frequently used in appeals for the exoneration of a conviction based on a false accusation.
  • Child exploitation. Child exploitation is one of the most severely pursued sex crimes in Massachusetts and includes child pornography, sexual molestation, online solicitation and others.
  • Date rape. Sexual assaults that happen between a victim and another person they know, could be classified as date rape. This can include the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Sexual assault or rape. Both of these are distinct crimes but can lead to up to 20 years behind bars and having to register as a sex offender. Sexual assault refers to unwanted sexual acts and rape refers to forcible sexual intercourse.
  • Indecent exposure. This common sex crime involves allegations that a defendant exposed their genitals to another person intentionally and that that other person was offended by the exposure.
  • Statutory rape. Any non-forcible sexual activity involving a person under age 18 may be classified as statutory rape.
  • Aggravated sexual assault. Any aggressive sexual activity classified as aggravated sexual assault usually requires medical attention for the victim. This is a severe felony charge and the penalties are quite stiff as a result in Springfield.
  • Kidnapping for the purposes of carrying out a sex crime. The mandatory sentence associated with this allegation is 25 years and this may also be assigned as a federal crime.
  • Prostitution and solicitation. Anyone who engages in sexual activities for a payment or derives financial payment for it can be accused of a sex crime in Massachusetts.

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Accusations, as well as charges or convictions, have potentially serious consequences for the person accused. It is imperative to retain a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney immediately. Contact a lawyer in Springfield you can trust.