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Tom is professional, confident, down to earth

I called Tom on a Saturday morning (he actually answered and talked to me for 30 minutes before I even hired him). I was frantically looking for a criminal defense attorney to guide me in the right direction. I had no experience with the court system and desperately needed guidance to protect my professional license. I hit the jackpot when I found him.

Tom is professional, confident, down to earth, trustworthy and very easy to talk to. I always felt he had my best interests in mind. He explained the processes in detail, answered all questions, and allowed me to make informed decisions. In the end, Tom helped me get the best outcome possible and I am very grateful.

Even though Tom is a fabulous attorney, his best assets are being a kind, decent, caring human being. I genuinely feel like he isn’t in it for the money. I hope to never need a defense attorney again, but if I did, it would be a no brainer. I wouldn’t think of hiring anyone else! A+++


Presented a polite but razor sharp defense

Thomas Kokonowski saved me from a great deal of angst by getting two serious charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. He gently but incisively shredded the police report’s presentation of a traffic stop. The judge sided with him and found insufficient evidence for all but a low level moving violation. I would highly recommend him if you need any type of criminal defense. He handled my case with a clear grasp of the facts and a measure of grace which I think impressed the judge. I certainly am grateful I hired him to defend me.


Tom is a great lawyer. Got my case DISMISSED. When I found myself in a place where I needed a lawyer to keep my job and reputation I called Tom on a Sunday and then we had a meeting. I hired Tom because he was a straight shooter who knew what he was talking about. I thought that I was going to have to go to trial, but thanks to him my case was DISMISSED. Great guy, great lawyer!!!


He helped me on a DUI case last month and did a very good job representing me at the trial and got the charges overturned. I highly recommend.


Tom treated me right and never made me feel rushed. I felt like I was the most important thing going on each time we spoke. No nonsense. He’s not going to sugar coat but it’s clear he’s worth every damn penny. If you want the best, he’s the guy. If you want a smile, sunshine and rainbows… Keep going. He’s cocky and doesn’t mess around. I hope I never need his services again but if I do need any legal counsel he’s the first and last call I’ll make for a lawyer.


Attorney Adams was consistently respectful and organized and communicated information effectively and quickly. He helped me understand all of my options and helped me successfully resolve my case.


At my hearing the Magistrate commented on my choice of representation, saying that I had “Chosen well” and that Tom was “One of the best” (Tom himself had told me this but hearing it from the Magistrate himself gave it a little more weight!). Tom presented a clear, professional, effective defense and in the end he gave me the best possible outcome by winning my hearing for me. He helped me through a scary learning experience, making it as painless as possible and I am relieved to have had him on my side.


I have worked with attorney Adams for several years. He is a diligent attorney who consistently provides professional legal representation. Attorney Adams is committed to his clients and their best interests.


I contacted Attorney Kokonowski in regards to a legal situation I was involved in and found him to be very knowledgeable & understanding of my situation he made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during this difficult time . I would highly recommend any one going thru any legal difficulties contact Attorney Kokonowski he is a true professional.


Attorney Adams fought tooth and nail for me and got the case dismissed.I was asked out of the car I was in and searched. The police found heroin on me. Something didn’t seem right to me about the way the investigation was done. Attorney Adams fought tooth and nail for me and got the case dismissed.

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