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How Far Back Does The DMV Registry Go For Calculating OUI Suspensions?

Posted on : May 31, 2019
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The Effects Of Past OUI Convictions 

If you have been accused of a second or third OUI in Massachusetts, this is likely a very stressful time for you.  You have already gone through the OUI Arrest process and now, you’re faced with a subsequent charge.  This new charge may actually have a much stronger impact in terms of penalties, fines, and jail time.

Subsequent OUI Charges In Massachusetts

The previous OUI arrest record will no doubt be taken into account during the arraignment and sentencing. You may have had more options in a previous OUI (like a first offense hardship license). In the case of multiple OUI’s, the process becomes more stringent.  If the incident or arrest date happened from November 2002 through the present, this has a lifetime look-back period.

Those OUIs that fall between May of 1994 and November of 2002, are subject to a ten-year look-back period and anything prior to May of 1994 is subject to a six-year look-back period. The first thing that you need to do after a subsequent OUI arrest is to seek out the help of an experienced Massachusetts OUI Attorney and prepare to fight the new OUI Charges.

Your Concern About Another OUI Charge

Anyone who has received a subsequent OUI in the state of Massachusetts has a concern as to how this new OUI will affect them. Will you lose your license? Will you face higher fines, will you need more intensive classes or OUI courses, etc.  Rest assured that adding an additional OUI to your record will impact your quality of life on many levels, especially if you do not get the proper support and guidance that you need to fight the charges. This has to do with when the previous OUI appears on your record but there may be some relief available to you should you choose to be proactive and get help immediately.

OUI License Suspension Basics

If you currently have a license suspension for an OUI in the state of Massachusetts and you believe that this suspension period has been improperly calculated, you need an experienced Massachusetts OUI defense attorney to help you. Anyone who has been accused of an OUI already knows that the stakes are high and that they must take proactive steps to protect themselves in moving forward with a defense strategy.

A comprehensive defense strategy is necessary to position yourself effectively to protect your quality of life and to avoid the possibility of severe criminal consequences. Previous OUIs on your record could definitely impact your ability to maintain an active license in the state of Massachusetts. Make sure that you schedule a consultation with a dedicated and experienced Massachusetts OUI defense lawyer.

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