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Common Criminal Offenses

Posted on : December 6, 2020

Top 5 Most Common Criminal Offense in the United States

A statistic by the FBI revealed that property crime is the most prevalent crime in the United States, with property crime reported every three seconds and violent crime every 22 seconds. Property crimes are the most reported crimes contrary to the general belief that violent crimes are the most reported. The report further shows that more than ten million cases of property crimes are reported annually in use compared to approximately two million violent crimes that are reported.

Below are some of the most notable criminal offenses in the United States. 

1. Larceny/ Theft

Larceny/theft is stealing other people’s property with an intent to permanently deprive them of such property. This is the most prevalent property crime out of all the property crimes in the US. The numbers of reported cases of larceny/theft are shocking 7 million each year, which accounts for nearly 60 percent of all reported cases in the US.

2. Burglary

Burglary involves breaking aggressively into people’s homes with an intent to steal. It is the most prevalent crime after larceny/theft in the US. According to the report, approximately 2 million burglary cases are reported annually in the US, accounting for 18 percent of all reported crimes. 

3. Motor Vehicle Theft

Many people have their cars stolen and it has been reported that more than 1 million cars are stolen in the US every year. Vehicle snatchers see it as one of the most lucrative property crimes and this is why many of them venture into it. 

4. Aggravated Assault 

Aggravated assault is a violent attack mostly done through the use of a weapon to cause a grievous injury to another person. Although, it can also be done without a weapon. This crime accounts for seven percent of all reported property crimes in the US. 

5. Robbery

Robbery is a violent crime performed directly on a person or place. It is the violent use of a weapon to steal other people’s property with the intent to permanently deprive them of such property. The difference between robbery and simple theft is that a weapon is used to attack the victim in robbery cases while a simple pickpocketing is enough for theft to occur. Mugging the clerk of a store or restaurant by using a gun as a threat is robbery. There are approximately half a million cases of robberies reported each year, accounting for three percent of all crimes in the US.

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