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Did you know that being accused of domestic violence can have far-reaching complications for your future? You might initially assume that this is simply an error and the court will sort things out on its own.

But you cannot leave your future in the hands of the court without having an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Understanding The Seriousness Of The Charges

If you avoid hiring a Hamden County criminal defense attorney, you could expose yourself to so many different problems in your case and you may not even realize how this ultimately affects your life going forward until the case is long over.

Having a domestic violence conviction on your record carries a lot of different problems for your future. Having a criminal record in and of itself makes it difficult to obtain jobs or to get housing in the future.

Child Custody In A Domestic Violence Case

Furthermore, if you were in the midst of a family law issue such as a child custody case, you can expect that a domestic violence allegation will be taken seriously and a conviction may even affect your ability to spend time with your children.

This is why it is imperative to identify an Amherst domestic violence defense lawyer immediately.

Massachusetts Domestic Violence LawsDefense Attorney For Domestic Violence In Springfield

Domestic violence policies have become a critical cornerstone of Amherst laws. New laws on the books have stirred up controversy from all different perspectives including criminal defense attorneys, victims’ advocates, and multiple people representing the district attorney’s offices.

A first-offense domestic assault is one of the newest impacts of domestic violence allegations.

Updates To The Domestic Violence Law

This law includes a number of updates for domestic violence or sexual assault victims, new mandatory delays in terms of setting bail for individuals charged with domestic violence, and mandatory training for judges, police officers, and prosecutors.

Furthermore, the crime of strangulation was classified at a felony level.

The Stakes Are High

Lawyer For Domestic Violence In Hampden

The stakes associated with domestic violence are serious and due to the harm to your reputation and your freedom in the future, you need to schedule a consultation with an Amherst domestic violence defense lawyer immediately.

You may not even realize the possible consequences of the case until you are in the midst of being accused, but you need to respond promptly by exercising your right to speak with an attorney before you make mistakes.

These sensitive personal situations can be thrust into the public spotlight in the court process through an unfortunate arrest. These are some of the most serious and sensitive charges that you might face.

Personal History

Often these involve conflicts that have emerged between domestic partners, same-sex partners, husbands and wives, siblings, or parents and children.

The typical stress that comes along with criminal charges can also add further anxiety due to the fact that private arguments within the family are now the subject of a criminal investigation because prosecutors and police in the state of Amherst take domestic violence very seriously.

Police Are Trained To Make An ArrestSpringfield Domestic Violence Attorneys

When the police arrive at the scene that appears to be domestic violence, they are trained to make an arrest, even if the situation has since diffused, and if nobody appears to be in immediate danger. Because of this policy, police officers tend to look for reasons for to make an arrest in a domestic violence situation in many of the responses to domestic violence calls.

After The Incident

A romantic relationship or a volatile family situation that spins out of control at the moment can quickly evolve into domestic violence charges if you are not careful. Shortly after the incident, both parties may decide that they do not wish to move forward with any charges or police intervention.


The district attorney’s office has discretion here to determine whether to prosecute the case even if the victim does not wish for the case to proceed. This can be especially challenging in situations in which you believe the circumstances have calmed down and the other party does not wish to pursue charges but the state does.

If you have already been arrested for domestic violence charges, you can anticipate that the district attorney’s office will do everything possible to prosecute the case against you.

Aggressive Defense Is Needed

Hampden Criminal Defense Attorny

You need a knowledgeable Amherst criminal defense lawyer who knows the domestic violence laws on the books in Amherst and one who will work as hard as possible to gather evidence for an aggressive defense on your behalf.

It is necessary to have a knowledgeable lawyer in your corner who is thoroughly talented in handling the various ways that you can defend yourself in these types of claims.

Protect Your Future

Being accused of domestic violence carries a stigma that may follow you for many years to come and one that can be very difficult to remove if you do not retain an experienced criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts who cares about your best interests.

Managing Your Defense

The best interests of the person who has been accused are to be managed by an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately, otherwise you could expose yourself to being convicted.

Even if the other party wishes not to move forward with criminal charges, these private family matters can become a source in the public record.

Call And Get Help Today

This is often very embarrassing for family members who simply want to put this issue behind them. When you retain an Amherst defense attorney who can intervene in this situation as soon as possible, you dramatically increase your chances of success and protect your well-being and your freedom in the future.