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Am I Eligible for a Hardship License?

Posted on : January 7, 2019
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Were you recently arrested for OUI in Massachusetts? Among reviewing the evidence and getting yourself an experienced lawyer, you need to know about the possible issues associated with your driver’s license.

Most people overlook the administrative aspects of their license loss, which can cause problems for them in the future. To be aware of the possible problems, you have to take action quickly or your license could be lost. This is especially true if you refused to go through the chemical test on your arrest. Immediate penalties apply that are related to your driver’s license.

Did you know that you’re only able to get a hardship license to continue driving in certain situations? This includes only being able to obtain such a license after the case is resolved and only on your first offense allegations.

If you take a breathalyzer test and fail that, however, your license will be suspended for thirty days and you are eligible to get that back after your 30 day period is complete.

If you decide, though, to accept a plea before that 30 day period expires on your breathalyzer refusal, your application for a hardship license can be completed immediately. Most people will have a 45 day loss of license on their first offense OUI charge.

Due to the many penalties that can affect you when you’re pulled over for and accused of an OUI, you need to get help from a criminal lawyer immediately.

Your hardship license is available quickly if you have the following items: a letter of enrollment from an alcohol education program, proof of a legitimate hardship need, such as a letter from an employer or proof of self-employment, and the need for work hours.

Furthermore, you can get a hardship license for medical or education purposes, but you’ll need to show proof of either of these. And you’ll need to illustrate that no public transportation is available and that this is why you need the hardship license to begin with.

To even apply for a hardship license, you want an experienced OUI lawyer on your side to make sure you don’t have any mistakes or problems. This can prevent further issues with you getting to work after an OUI allegation.





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