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Most people find themselves in over their heads when they have been accused of a drug crime and many of the common myths surrounding drug allegations make them more likely to experience mistakes or challenges in their case that could compromise their freedom and their reputation in the future.

Understand The Exact Nature Of The Drug Crime Charges

There is plenty of anxiety that is typically associated with being accused of a drug crime, whether you are a college student or an adult.

Knowing the various types of drug crimes in Agawam, Massachusetts is imperative for getting help from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

These charges can include:

  • possession
  • distribution
  • trafficking in narcotics
  • conspiracy charges
  • drug events that involve multiple defendants

Fight For Your Freedom

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An experienced Agawam criminal defense attorney who handles drug cases must be prepared to jump into action quickly to gather the necessary evidence to fight for your freedom and to present an aggressive defense.

Many of the challenges typically associated with Hampden County drug crimes cases have to do with difficult evidence and working to receive a dismissal or reduction of the charges when never possible.

Take Your Defense Seriously

If you accept a public defender, or worse, try to represent yourself in a case, you could make errors that could compromise your very freedom.

Drug crimes in Agawam are typically divided between possessory crimes and those charging possession in addition to the intent to distribute, distribution, or trafficking narcotics.


In general, possession crimes include possession of marijuana, illegal narcotics, heroin, or cocaine. These can often be resolved short of admission to a charge through other negotiated deals with the district attorney or through drug treatment.

You need to have an experienced Agawam criminal defense attorney who will explore these avenues quickly.

Loss Of Your Drivers License

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When it comes to the crime of possession with the intent to distribute narcotics, these situations are even more serious. This involves possessing a large number of narcotics or other drug paraphernalia such as scales, money or other articles typically associated with drug distribution.

Drug Trafficking

If you are charged with trafficking in narcotics, this involves distributing a large number of narcotics. Trafficking charges are typically based on the amount and type of narcotics and carry major minimum jail sentences. These are often heard in the Agawam superior court.


There are major penalties typically associated with Massachusetts drug crimes, and one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your case is by ignoring the consequences and assuming that things will get sorted out in court.

The court has the responsibility to present the burden to prove that the defendant facing allegations knowingly/intentionally had a controlled substance.


If a criminal charge also involves distribution, possession with the intent to distribute, manufacturing, trafficking, or more, these basic elements may be amended to account for the other factors included.

EvidenceDrug Charge Evidence Springfield

When evaluating the facts, a jury or judge may look at all of the evidence that is relevant within the case, including expert witness testimony, or details from any other witness to diffuse or support the allegations that the items in question were indeed a controlled substance.

Drug Certificate

Typically, when a prosecutor introduces evidence of a drug certificate from a chemical analysis at a state laboratory, you will need to have an Agawam criminal defense attorney ready to jump into action.

The punishments for drug convictions in Agawam are quite serious, whether you are judged at the municipal, district, or superior courts in Agawam. The mandatory minimums typically associated with drug crimes can change your life forever.

First Time Offender

If you are a first-time drug offender who gets a conviction for cocaine possession, your case can be continued without a fine or dismissed later on.

You may also be eligible to ask for your criminal history to be sealed. If the drug was given or sold to a minor or possessed or distributed in a park or school zone, there is a strong chance that law enforcement should take an aggressive approach in your case.

Protect Your Future

Lawyer For Drug Charges In Western Massachusetts

In all drug cases, the possible outcomes can also include damage to your character and your ability to find a job or get funding for your education after you have served the time or other penalties associated with the case.

Because of this, you need an attorney who will look into every possible opportunity to resolve the case and give you better clarity about what you can anticipate in court.

Your Agawam drug defense lawyer will help you review your options.