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Could a Mistake Ruin My Case While My OUI Is Pending?

Posted on : May 6, 2021
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When you’re pulled over for drunk driving (OUI), your credibility will be put to the test in court. If you plead not guilty and claim that you weren’t intoxicated or impaired at the time of your arrest, it can come down to whether you appear trustworthy, responsible, and unlikely to reoffend. 

It’s important to ensure your actions after your arrest and as you wait for your court date do not compromise the image you want to portray to the court as a reliable person. If you continue to act irresponsibly, this may lead the court to believe you chose to drink and drive and may do so again without consequences.

Don’t make mistakes like: 

1. Posting to Instagram 

You may feel free to be more transparent with your friends and family on social media than you would be under the scrutiny of a judge. You may be tempted to reveal what you drank on the night of your arrest, or how much you had to drink. 

You should be aware, though, that your social media pages are not private, and law enforcement will be monitoring your messages for information that can be used against you. Prosecutors have access to this permanent web archive of what you share on social media, and if they can use it to prove their case against you, they will. Avoid talking  about your case, the events behind it, or the pending trial on social media.

2. Partying In Public 

If you continue to drink and go out at night, prosecutors may be able to prove that you are reckless when it comes to consuming alcohol. It also sends the message to the court that you aren’t taking the DWI charge seriously. And even if you aren’t intoxicated at a party, posting a photo of yourself to social media with a group of inebriated friends will still hurt your case.

3. Missing Your Court Hearing 

It’s essential that you show up in court at the scheduled hearing. If you miss your hearing, it may look like you’re guilty or want to escape being held accountable. It can also indicate to the court that you are unconcerned with the criminal charges against you; never a good look. 

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