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What is Default Warrant, and When Is It Used In Massachusetts?

Posted on : February 24, 2023
Default Warrant

What is Default Warrant, and When Is It Used In Massachusetts?

You might not be aware you have a default warrant against you. If necessary legal actions are not taken to remove a default warrant, it can lead to serious legal jeopardy or a severe adverse consequence. 

Hence, it is essential to know what a default warrant is, what it is used in Massachusetts, and how to remove it. This article has done justice to these questions. Read on to learn more.

What is Default Warrant

A judge issues a Default warrant for a person for the failure to do something that is required of her by the court, either for the failure to show up for a scheduled court date or failure to make a court order payment, for example, court fine, child support payment, etc.

When Is Default Warrant Used In Massachusetts

There are several scenarios where default warrant can be used. If you were in default, probably because you were arrested or posted bail, you were invited to court the next day for an arraignment. If you do not show up, a default warrant will likely be filed against you.

Or if you had a case against you, and as the case went on, you were showing up for court dates, and you stopped showing up before the case was resolved for some reason. Or maybe you were placed on probation, violated the probation conditions, were called to court for a hearing, and never showed up. You might have a default warrant against you.

Effects of a Default Warrant

Having a warrant on one’s record can cause some significant effects. These effects might include government benefits termination, a driver’s license suspension, or even a potential address. This is because once a default warrant is issued, a notice of warrant will be mailed to the defaulter’s address, and the warrant will also be entered into the database.

This database is accessible by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and every other law enforcement agency. The information will also be attached to the defendant’s criminal record. 

How to Remove a Default Warrant in Massachusetts

Once you have a default warrant filed against you, it is crucial you remove it immediately with the help of a reasonable defense attorney. In most cases, removing a default warrant requires paying a fine and showing up in court with a good defense lawyer. Legal actions must be taken toward removing a default warrant immediately to avoid more significant consequences. 

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