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What Are the Top OUI Defense Strategies?

Posted on : October 20, 2018
Only your attorney can evaluate your individual situation to provide a recommendation about OUI defense strategies. What follows are some of the most commonly-used tactics to fight back when you’ve been accused of an OUI in Massachusetts. The first of these is to argue that the police improperly stopped you to begin with. The Constitution [Read More]
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What Are the Stakes for a Fourth Offense OUI in Massachusetts?

Posted on : October 17, 2018
What’s The Damage For A Fourth Offense OUI? Being accused of OUI is always a serious situation but what happens if you’ve been accused and convicted of this same charge in the past? This can be an overwhelming situation and one that has very high stakes in the form of serious penalties. It can also [Read More]
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Will Whoever Last Served You Alcohol Be Involved in a DUI Case?

Posted on : October 6, 2018
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Being accused of drunk driving, also known as OUI in the State of Massachusetts, is enough to give you severe anxiety. If you don’t retain the services of an experienced OUI defense lawyer immediately, you could face significant consequences and a record that follows you for many years to come. This is a primary reason [Read More]
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