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How is the Opioid Crisis Affecting Criminal Charges?

Posted on : July 31, 2018
Opiod Crisis Affecting Criminal Charges
Are Criminal Charges Affected By The Opioid Crisis? While plenty of different people throughout the criminal justice system have a substance abuse disorder, many prisons and jails including those throughout Massachusetts, don’t have comprehensive medication assisted treatment programs. People who are addicted to heroin or prescription opioids are much more likely to have run ins [Read More]
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How Effective is a Field Sobriety Test?

Posted on : July 12, 2018
Are Field Sobriety Tests Effective?
Are Field Sobriety Tests Effective? How effective are field sobriety tests? This is one of the most common questions presented to experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorneys has to do with whether or not field sobriety tests can truly be trusted. A field sobriety test is often requested by an officer when he or she suspects [Read More]
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