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What You Need to Know About Felonies in Massachusetts

Posted on : March 23, 2018
Massachusetts Felonies Attorney
Are some felonies charged more often than others? It certainly depends on the crime and your area, but felony charges are always serious. Whether you’re looking at aggravated charges that might typically be assessed as a misdemeanor or even a drug charge, you must respond quickly if you want to protect your future after being [Read More]
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Addiction Medication Assistance Helps to Combat Overdose Deaths

Posted on : March 6, 2018
Massachusetts Addiction Medication Assitance
Can We Combat Overdose Deaths With Addiction Medication? Overdosing in jail is a serious problem that has garnered more attention in recent years. Many programs and advocates have tried to address the opioid issue in the general public as well as the specific problems affecting those in jail. Massachusetts is currently considering offering medication assistance [Read More]
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